Bodyweight workout

A classic boot camp style workout is a body weight workout, but it has its advantages and disadvantages. To know if body weight workouts are for you, you need to assess your goals. Are you looking to put on a lot of muscle quickly? Body weight workouts might not be for you. Are you looking to maintain a lean healthy physique? Body weight workouts might be for you. Once you understand your goals, you can create a workout that fits.

Bodyweight workouts Pros and Cons:

Accessibility. You can do body weight workouts anywhere at any time with no equipment required.
Affordability. No gym membership needed! We all love saving money, right?
Time efficient. No driving to the gym or waiting in the dreaded line for the weight rack.
Great for rehabilitation. If you are recovering from an injury, body weight workouts are an excellent option.

Effectiveness. Unlike weight training, you are limited to your body weight. With weight training you can increase weight as you become stronger, which in turn allows you to keep progressing in muscle size. If you are not looking to build a lot of muscle this might not be a con to you.

Tips for Body Weight Workouts:
You should do all sets to one rep short of failure. Keep your focus on proper form and getting the most out of each rep. Don’t focus on how many reps you get, focus on exhausting your muscles.

Rest 1 minute in between sets. If the sets are easy then only take breaks for 30-45 seconds to keep your heart rate going.

Push ups are one of the best body weight workouts as they build the arms, shoulders and chest.

Dips are easily done by using two chairs and are a great workout for the shoulders.

Squats and lunges are perfect leg exercises . You can use anything of weight like water jugs to add some intensity for better results.

Keep your intensity up. To get the most out of your work out time keep a good pace throughout your work out.